CIAC — though its work with the St. Louis Regional Data Alliance — houses a variety of data and information about important local issues, institutions, and efforts. The following presents archive data and reports produced by Better Together, which dissolved in late 2019 — as well as a number of items produced by CIAC's predecessor, UMSL's Public Policy Research Center, that were often critical of Better Together's efforts.

For more information about CIAC and the St. Louis Regional Data Alliance, please contact Paul Sorenson at

Better Together Archive Data and Reports

Published Reports:

Source Data

Public Policy Research Center and Affiliate Reports

  • The Governor in Governance: Keeping the Pace (Issue 3), by Mark Tranel, Director, PPRC, published March 2017 PDF
  • More Municipalities = Less Municipal $pending? (Issue 2), by James Brasfield and E Terrence Jones, published October 2016 PDF
  • Case Study Comparing St. Louis and Indianapolis Local Government Structures (Issue 1), by Mark Tranel, originally published in 2015 and updated for the Local Government Administration series in 2017 PDF
  • Fragmented by Design: by Terry Jones, Palmerston & Reed (June 1, 2000) PDF
  • Reconciling the Great Divorce - The City of St. Louis Reentering St. Louis County, Policy Brief #25, by Terry Jones PDF
  • PPRC Conference: Governance without Government in Metropolitan North America: Where is it Now? Where is it Going? [June 16-17, 2006]
    • Conference Photos and Overview View Slideshow
    • The Status of Voluntary Governance Structures in St. Louis, presented by Tim Fischesser, St. Louis County Municipal League View Slideshow
    • Governing Metropolitan Baltimore: Redux, presented by Donald F. Norris, University of Maryland, Baltimore County View Slideshow
    • Consolidation and Regional Cooperation for Economic Development: Lessons from Indianapolis's UniGov and Cleveland's Forms of Regional Cooperation, presented by Mark S. Rosentraub and Jill Norton, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs at Cleveland State University, and Suzanne Leland, University of North Carolina Charlotte View Slideshow
    • Moving Toward Regional Governance -- Incrementally: The St. Louis Case, presented by E. Terrence Jones and Don Phares, University of Missouri -- St. Louis View Slideshow
    • The Louisville Merger: Promises and Performance: An Initial Assessment, presented by Hank V. Savitch, and Ronald K. Vogel, Urban and Public Affairs, University of Louisville View Slideshow
    • Municipal Partners for Inclusive Recreation, presented by Susan Trautman, City of Des Peres View Slideshow