University funds may be used to purchase alcoholic beverages.  Two forms were discussed at the 10/06/2004 Senior Fiscal Officers Meeting.  Alcohol Form #1 (PDF 83KB), Request to Use University-Administered Funds to Purchase Alcohol for University Sponsored Events, will be returned to the event coordinator listed on the form after receiving approval and subsequently attached to the Non-PO voucher when paying for the alcohol.  Alcohol Form #2 (PDF 84KB), Request to Use Alcoholic Beverages on University Property, will be returned to MSC Operations (366 MSC), after receiving approval.  Both forms must be approved by the Provost or appropriate Vice Chancellor at least 14 days prior to the event.

On-campus events are usually catered by Sodexo. Non-alcoholic expenses will be charged to campus DeptIDs via a catering upload (as is currently being done).  The alcohol portion of the expense will be paid on a Non-PO voucher.  Supporting documentation to the Non-PO voucher will include a Sodexo invoice and Alcohol Form #1 mentioned above. 

Alcoholic beverages are reimbursable on a Non-PO Voucher/Travel Expense Voucher when taking a guest to lunch or dinner.  Although UM policies allow reimbursement in excess of the meal allowances when entertaining guests of the University, departments should make every effort to stay within the meal allowances.  When the meal allowances are exceeded and the cost of alcoholic beverages is included on the voucher, the Provost or appropriate Vice Chancellor must approve the voucher.  Academic Affairs has a policy regarding entertaining visitors