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Missouri Assessment Program


The Missouri Assessment Program study examination workshops teach teachers how to design testing instruments that parallel the science subject content and performance skills of the Missouri Assessment Program examinations and require the same process skills demanded from 3rd, 7th and 10th grade science students in order to perform at the highest assessment levels.

The Missouri Student Assessment Program (MoSAP) practice examination workshops are available for science teachers to use in preparing students for the annual Missouri Assessment Program. Teachers learn how to develop and use the same format, content and type of items as might be found on the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) instruments but are written at a slightly higher level to stretch the performance of the students. The workshop also creates a lexicon of concepts, words and skills that might be found on an instrument such as the MAP.

Practice examinations can be useful for teachers in many ways. The parallel examinations can help them to understand the nature of the items used on the MAP. They can be used on a regular basis on teacher prepared pre-post assessments or as a "real" MAP testing experience for students. The associated lexicon can help in developing and checking for the appropriate depth and breadth of the curriculum as required for success on the MAP tests.

Teacher seminars or workshops are available to help teachers prepare students for success on the MAP. Two-hour to full-day teacher experiences can be arranged on site. There is an instructional fee of $120 per hour of contact time. A six-hour session (1 day) is $600.

If we can help you in any way in the preparation of your students for the state assessment program, please call the Science Education Programs Office.

For more information or services contact:

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