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Consumers are changing the way they communicate with and research brands, and brands are changing the way they promote & engage with consumers. We are embracing these digital technologies to communicate in ways that were inconceivable just a few short years ago.

We are shifting our attention from traditional media marketing to internet, wireless devices, and other digital platforms. Traditional marketing is a thing of the past. As such, today’s marketers must be well versed in many areas including:

The old “siloed” marketing roles are breaking down. Marketers of today are expected to handle a wide variety of roles including software and analytics.

Get your career on the right track by learning the latest in digital and social media marketing from the industry professionals. In our courses you will be engaging with real life case studies while receiving hands on clinical experiences.

Partners of our program include: The Challenger Center, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN), The Mercantile Library,, COCA, Evolve24, Adobe Site Catalyst, and St. Louis Sail and Paddle.



This curriculum is designed to prepare marketers for the changing landscape where consumers are connected to a number of devices, have an unprecedented level of information for purchase decisions, and if properly cultivated can be an ambassador for their favorite brands. Yesterday’s marketing strategies simply won’t work in the current environment. Due to the focus on the latest issues facing the marketing community, this curriculum will improve the skill set of a recent graduate or an established professional.

All courses are taught by local and national industry experts. View complete course listing, descriptions, prices, prerequisites and availability for the coming semester.

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Obtain Your Certificate In Digital Media Marketing

Take one course or more, the decision is up to you. With as little as six courses, you will be awarded a Certificate in Digital Media Marketing. Completion of your certificate can be done in as little as two semesters.

Required Certification Courses (63 hours required)

Elective Certification Courses (42 hours required)

**Digital Strategies is a capstone class and requires all other certification requirements have been meet prior.


Video: Professor Drake discusses this unique certification program in more detail and his vision.

Video: Professor Drake discusses the state of the digital media marketing industry, trends and future job growth.

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