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Vision, Mission and Values Statement

The University Missouri-St. Louis will be known as a premier metropolitan public research university and as a university of choice for undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

The University of Missouri-St. Louis provides excellent learning experiences and leadership opportunities for a diverse student body. Outstanding faculty and staff, innovative research, and creative partnerships foster synergies that advance the welfare of our stakeholders and benefit the global society.

We believe excellence in research and creative achievement results from original thinking that advances fields of study and is recognized externally. Excellence also refers to paying serious attention to individual student learning needs and maintaining the highest academic standards, using multiple approaches to facilitate learning, engaging in ongoing assessment of student learning and improvement of the quality of learning experience.

We expect the highest ethical standards in all aspects of the educational experience and foster throughout the campus community the strongest commitment to respect, dignity, honesty and freedom in individuals' academic, professional and civic lives.

We value collaboration among students, organizations and engage in research and teaching to improve the quality of life. Collaboration develops graduates who contribute in meaningful ways to a diverse global society. Interdisciplinary research generates novel ways of resolving problems and building new knowledge.

We value accessto excellent education, engagement in cutting edge research, and dedication to University, community, andprofessional service as a means to develop the future of our region, state, nation and world. A focus on opportunity helps develop responsible citizens who contribute to quality of life and who represent the diversity of the community and the world we serve.

We value diversity among faculty, staff, and students and recognize its essential contribution to campus culture. Different cultural, intellectual, socioeconomic and regional perspectives add substantially to understanding, richness of debate, intellectual inquiry and knowledge development.

We value the financial, physical and human resources entrusted to us and exercise care in employing them. We cultivate the trust, loyalty and good will of stakeholders, whose assets allow us to pursue our educational mission.

Source: University of Missouri-St. Louis, Chancellor's Office
(Approved September 2008 Board of Curators' Meeting)