Institutional Research

Faculty and Staff Tables


Table 2-1. Average Salary of Full-Time Instructional Faculty by Rank and Gender (10/31/2012) [Excel Format]

Table 2-2. Full- and Part-Time Employees by Occupation (10/31/2012) [Excel Format]

Table 2-3. Full-Time Faculty by Gender (10/31/2012) [Excel Format]

Table 2-4. Full-Time Faculty by Rank, Gender, and Tenure Status (10/31/2012) [Excel Format]

Table 2-5. Full-Time Faculty by Tenure Status (10/31/2012) [Excel Format]

Table 2-6. Tenured & Tenure Track Faculty and Full-Time Faculty by Highest Degree Held (10/31/2012) [Excel Format]

Table 2-7. Number of Fulbrights Awarded by Department (AY2012-2013) [Excel Format]