Corporate Travel Card Application procedures: 

Go to University of Missouri System Login
You will be prompted for a User Name and Password.
The User Name must be your SSO ID. 
a. To find your SSO ID, go to SSO ID Search , type your Employee ID Number in the box and click the search button.
b. If the SSO ID field is blank on the results page, contact Campus Computing to have one created.
The Password is your e-mail password
After entering the User Name and Password, click the "OK" button
You will be taken to a PDF page with the heading "Travel Card Agreement"
The second page of the document has the heading "Travel Programs - Individual Corporate Card Application"
Note that some of the information on both pages has been prepopulated using data taken from the Payroll / Personnel System.
Prepopulated information has been hard-coded and cannot be changed on the form.
 10. The following information on page 2 must be completed BEFORE printing the form
a. Section 1 (APPLICANT INFORMATION)... Name as it will appear on card
b. Section 4 (ACCOUNT SECURITY)... Passwords 1 & 2
c. Section 5 (CONTACT INFORMATION)... Secondary Phone (either Home or Mobile)
 11. Review the rest of the information for accuracy and completeness
 12. Print the form.
 13. On the "Travel Card Agreement" page:
a. Read all information and statements on the page
b. Read and initial each item in the "Cardholder" section
c. Sign and date the agreement on the "Cardholder Signature" line
 14. On the "Travel Programs - Individual Corporate Card Application" page:
a. Indicate where your card and billing statements are to be mailed by checking the appropriate boxes in Sections 2 & 3 (HOME & BUSINESS ADDRESSES)
b. Indicate your password types by checking the appropriate boxes in Section 4 (ACCOUNT SECURITY)
 15. You should then route the form to your Department Head and Fiscal Officer
 16. The Department Head and Fiscal Officer should
a. Complete the "Suggested Travel Card Limits" section on the "Travel Card Agreement" page
b. Review both pages for accuracy and completeness
c. Read the statement directly below the cardholder's signature on the "Travel Card Agreement" page.
d. Sign, date, and print their names in the appropriate places on the "Travel Card Agreement" page
 17. Both pages of the form should then be sent to the Office of Finance in Woods Hall
 18. The Office of Finance will complete the "ADMINISTRATOR SECTION" section and fax the application to the credit card company.
 19. The cardholder's Corporate Travel Card will be mailed to the location the applicant indicated on their application (either work or home). The ATM PIN number (if authorized for Cash Advance funds) will be mailed separately to that same address