Office of Finance

Long-Term Travel Cash Advances



A University of Missouri-St. Louis employee traveling on university business outside the United States for a period of one to six months may obtain a long-term travel cash advance.


A long-term travel advance may be issued only to those employees of UMSL who

Travelers requesting an advance must





Q. How long will it take to receive my advance?
Because additional approvals must be obtained, and banking systems vary in the number of days it takes to transmit a payment, it is recommended that you allow a minimum of ten working days from the date of HR Supervisor approval.
Q. Is there a limit on the amount that may be taken out as an advance?
The advance is limited to the amount of the anticipated expenses that will be reimbursed by university accounts.
Q. How is the advance repaid?

Within 21 days of their return, the traveler must prepare an Expense Report (ER) using the PeopleSoft Travel and Expenses module. The traveler will need to "apply" the original cash advance to the ER.

  • If expenses are GREATER THAN the amount of the advance, the traveler will receive reimbursement for the difference.
  • If expenses are LESS THAN the amount of the advance, the traveler must write a check (payable to the University of Missouri) for the difference and deliver the check to the Office of Finance.


5091 - Linda M. Gatson, Chief Clerk
5092 - Ernest A. Cornford, Director of Finance