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We, the Student Government Association (SGA), are here for you! If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please let us know so that we can assist you.

You can make sure your voice is heard by:

Attend an SGA General Assembly Meeting: Meetings are held on Fridays at 12:30pm in the SGA Chamber (3rd Floor of the Millennium Student Center). A complete schedule of general assembly meetings can be found on our website.
Visit the SGA Office: The SGA Office is located in 379 MSC, in the back of the Office of Student Involvement. SGA Executives and Senators hold office hours Monday - Thursday. A complete listing of office hours is available in the SGA Office or by emailing
Email us: If you have a question, comment, concern, or kudos to share, please email us We want to hear from you.

Our Mission

“The Student Government Association will work toward full student participation in all areas of university life, university affairs, and policy making. The Student Government Association will serve as the student voice to the university administration, faculty, and other campuses. In addition, the Student Government Association will implement the philosophy that all students be encouraged to govern themselves and be responsible for their government. The Student Government Association shall work with the faculty and administration to create and maintain comprehensive and quality academic programs, student services, and activities which contribute to the total development of University of Missouri – Saint Louis students, alumni, and the metropolitan, state, national, and International community.”

All Executive Officers and Senators make up the SGA Executive Committee (EC) and are all voting members during EC meetings.

SGA Executive Officers

SGA Assembly Officers

  • Assembly Speaker: Joey Dordoni
  • Secretary: Kat Riddler 
  • Sergeant-at-Arms: Harper Wieldt
  • Parliamentarian: Daniel Ryerson

SGA Executive Staff

  • Communications Director: Taylor Dordoni (314-516-5105)
  • Events Director: Aleathea Williams (314-516-5105)

SGA Student Senators

  • Joey Dordoni
  • Kat Riddler
  • Michael Plumb
  • Daniel Pogue
  • Aleathea Williams
  • London Williams
  • Daniel Ryerson
  • Rachel Thompson
  • Harper Wieldt
  • Ysaye Ellis
  • Jessika White
  • Alex Zvibleman