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Training Seminars

Interns' clinical training is enriched through a series of weekly seminars that reflect the expertise of Consortium faculty and timely topics/issues in the practice of psychology. The following is a sampling of the seminars typically offered:

Assessment and Treatment of Trauma Spectrum Disorders
Assessment of Malingering
Case Conceptualization for Therapy
Child/Adolescent Treatment
Clinical Supervision
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Expert Witness Testimony
Group Therapy
Medical Psychology
Multicultural Competency
MMPI-2 Interpretation
Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
Passing the EPPP
Private Practice
Risk Assessment
Rorschach Interpretation
Selective Mutism
Sexual Disorders and Treatment
Therapist Self-Awareness
Treatment of Anxiety Disorders
Treatment of Eating Disorders
Treatment of Psychotic Disorders
Treatment of Sexual Offenders