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Recent Conference Presentations

Heart of America Eye Care Congress, 2018

Tilted Disc Syndrome Causing Bitemporal Visual Field Defects Juna Abazi, O.D. and Linda Lucas, O.D., MS, FAAO

Bilateral Progressive Optic Neuropathy Attributed to Voluntary Globe Subluxation Jessie Crabtree, B.S., Casey Hamm, O.D., FAAO

CRX Mutations K88N and E80A in Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis Kelly Cochran, Anne Hennig, PhD, and Shiming Chen, PhD  Washington University in Saint Louis – School of Medicine

Comparison of Digital Eye Strain Signs and Symptoms with Biofinity Energys and Biofinity Contact Lenses Carolyn Draude, Caitlyn Reynolds, Vinita Henry, O.D., FAAO, Erin Brooks, O.D., MS, FAAO

Patients Seeking Visual Dyslexia Diagnosis Versus Median Income Per Zip Code Kate Hamm, B.S., Erin Brooks, O.D., M.S, Quinn Gallen, B.S., Aaron Franzel, O.D.

Comparison of Orthokeratology vs. Multifocal Lenses Without Atropine for Myopia Control Ramya Natarajan, Joann Adams, and Julie DeKinder O.D,. FAAO, FSLS

Evaluating an Atypical Eyelid Mass for Possible Ocular Lymphoma with Computed Tomography Imaging Coral Pucci O.D., Linda Lucas OD, MS,  FAAO

A Multidisciplinary Approach to a Complicated Acquired Brain Injury Case Bethany Rosenthal, O.D. and Aaron Franzel, O.D.


Global Specialty Lens Symposium 2018

Resected Iris Tissue + Surgically Induced Irregular Astigmatism Secondary to Open Globe Repair = A Unique Piggyback Combination.   Ariel Cerenzie, O.D.

Tear Film Variability with Contact Lens Use Taylor Dahms, B.A, Julie DeKinder, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.S.L.S.


Academy of Optometry 2017 (Abstracts and CE)

“Needs of the Visually Impaired in Grocery Stores” Joann Adams, Kaitlyn Lukefahr, and Jeffrey L. Weaver, O.D., M.S.

“Is buffered better?” Taylor Dahms and Julie DeKInder, O.D.

“Where Anterior & Posterior Segment Meet: Pemphigus Vulgaris Complications Prevent Anti-VEGF for Wet AMD” Casey Hamm, O.D. and Sherrol Reynolds, O.D.

“Challenging the Current Belief the Role Refractive Error Plays in School Aged Children with Dyslexia and Other Visual Learning Disabilities” Kathryn Hamm, Erin Brooks O.D., M.S., Aaron Franzel, O.D., Quinn Gallen, Heather Stearn

“Evaluation of Visually Accessible Formatting Characteristics in Children’s Books” Ramya Natarajan, Caitlyn Reynolds, and Jeffrey L. Weaver, O.D., M.S.

“Analysis of Duration of Fixation in Visual Dyslexic and Reading Fluency Deficit Patients” Caityln Reynolds, Erin Brooks, O.D., M.S., Aaron Franzel, O.D.

“Contact Lens Cases” Julie DeKinder, O.D. and Beth Kinoshito, O.D.

“New Advances in LASIK Surgery” Eric Polk, O.D.

“LASIK Surgery: Outcomes and Enhancements”, Eric Polk, O.D.

Resident Presentation

“A Guide to Optimal Correction of a Contact-Lens Intolerant Patient Status-Post Intracorneal Ring Segment Surgery A troubleshooting guide for prescribing specialty lenses for s/p corneal intacs patients.” Ariel Cerenzie, O.D.