Joan Hashimi: (Social Work)

Ruth Jenkins: (Nursing) Dr Jenkins' research deals with children and families at risk.

Sharon Johnson: (Social Work)

David Klinger: (Criminology)

George McCall: (Sociology) Dr. McCall has research interests on the topics of prevention of rape trauma, cross-cultural assessment of PTSD, cross-cultural research on interpersonal disputing, cross-cultural research on violence against women, the effects of chronic traumatic violence on children in South Africa, and protecting children from crime.

Robert Paul: (Missouri Institue of Mental Health, MIMH)

Lois Pierce: (Social Work) Dr. Pierce is interested in research and practice in the area of child abuse and especially child sexual abuse. She is also interested in how children are affected by community violence and is conducting research in that area with colleagues here and in South Africa.

Richard Rosenfeld: (Criminology) Dr. Rosenfeld conducts research on the social sources of criminal violence. His published work includes studies of trends in intimate-partner homicide, and he is currently investigating gender differences in patterns of serious assault. Related research includes investigations of gang-related homicide, the impact of social capital on homicide rates, and the effect of community characteristics on support for the death penalty.

Uma Segal: (Social Work) Dr. Segal is interested in the physical abuse of children, particularly by parents/caregivers, in cross-national/cross-cultural context, with a special focus on countries and peoples of Asia.

Nancy Shields: (Sociology) Dr. Shield's research has been with the effects of domestic violence including marital rape.

Norman White: (Criminology)