Center for Neurodynamics

MEG Imaging of Epilepsy


Collaboration with Drs. Jayant Acharya and Rich Bucholz of Saint Louis University Hospital. Using the first magnetoencephalography machine in the state of Missouri, we will be investigating synchronization in human epilepsy patients.

This project involves analyzing the simultaneously recorded magnetoencephalographic (MEG) and electroencephalographic (EEG) data of the spontaneous interictal brain activity of partial neocortical epileptic patients. The data will have been recorded at St. Louis University Hospital's (SLUH) MEG Imaging Center, and analyzed for interictal spike activity to be present. Once candidates are chosen, the team will look at the role of stochastic phase synchronization in the development and evolution of the epileptic spike, and they will also look at the predicted location of the spike. In some cases, this location may be able to be compared to the locations of previous interictal discharges or even ictal events.

Currently, the Internal Review Board at SLUH has approved this project, and candidates are being identified.