Dr. Carole Murphy is a Professor and former Chair in the Division of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. She shares a joint appointment with the Division of Teaching and Learning. Dr. Murphy teaches classes in both Divisions (see below for specific classes), and has been with the University of Missouri, St. Louis since 1991.

258Marillac Hall
phone: (314) 516-5792
email: Carole@UMSL.edu

This site contains information on various partnerships and collaborations in which Dr. Murphy participates and bases her research.

  • Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Texas A&M University, 1991.
  • Masters of Education in Industrial Education/Educational Psychology, Texas A&M University, 1976.
  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education/Political Science, Texas A&M University, 1971.

  • Professional Certifications Held:
  • Mid Management (Texas)
  • Special Education (Texas)
  • Elementary Education (Texas)
  • Supervision (Texas)
  • Elementary Art (Texas)
  • Written Communication (University of California, Berkeley)

  • Partnerships and Collaborations (click on title for additional information):

    Mind, Memory, and Learning: Translating Brain Research to Classroom Practice

    China Collaborations

    South Africa Collaborations

    Missouri Geography Alliance (MGA)

    Principals' Academy, St. Louis

    Missouri-DESE, Leadership Team

    Holmes Partnership/Professional Development School

    Scholastic Assistance for Global Education (SAGE)

    Centro Latino Americano Para El Desarrollo de la Inteligencia (CELADI)

    International Association of Special Education

    Netherlands Institute for Curriculum Development

    National Staff Development Council

    Center for Human Origin and Cultural Diversity

    Szczecin Sister City Board of Directors

    National Council for the Social Studies

    Rotary International Group Study Exchange


    March 2009 Promoted to Professor.

    August 15, 2006 to January 15, 2007 taught at Texas A&M-Commerce as an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership.

    August 2006 Retired as Chair of the Division of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and returned to full faculty status as an Associate Professor.. Areas of study: Educational Leadership, Special Education Administration, Organizational Change and Meta-Cognition.

    August 1999 to August 2006 Elected to Chairmanship of the Division of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

    March 1997 Promoted to Associate Professor, with tenure.

    1991 to 1997 Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Department of Elementary Education, Early Childhood, and Physical Education, College of Education, 8001 Natural Bridge Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63121-4499. Dr. Helene Sherman, Chair of Division. Areas of expertise: Curriculum & Instruction and Social Studies.

    1987 to 1991 Assistant Principal, Oakwood Middle School, 106 Holik Street, College Station, Texas 77840. Mr. Gerald Wynn, Principal.

    1986-1987 Assistant Principal, Consolidated Junior High, 100 Anderson Street, College Station, Texas 77840. Dr. H. Richard Burnett, Principal.

    1984-1985 Principal and Teacher. American International School, South Africa. Principal of elementary area and teacher of high school literature and 2nd grade.

    Courses Taught at UMSL:

    EDAD-471 School Staff Development and Supervision
    EDAD-470 School Personnel Administration
    EDAD-432 Elementary School Administration
    EDAD 7050 Doctoral Seminar Cohort (Leadership)
    EDAD-497 Problem
    EDUC-409 Advance Pedagogy Methods in Teaching Archeology
    EDAD-6306 Special Education Administration (ITV). Developed program and classes for State certification. EDAD-6307 Integrated Curriculum for Special Education Administrators (ITV). Developed program and classes for State certification.
    EDUC-6411 Curricula Issues for Elementary School
    EDAD-6491 Supervision and Professional Growth (Principal’s Academy).
    EDAD-7800 Doctoral Seminar, Leadership
    EDUC-7050 Common Doctoral Seminar. Developed Program and Classes for K-12 Cohort.
    EDUC-6497 Problems
    EDUC 7999 Dissertation Research
    EDUC 7880 Doctoral Internship

    Classes Taught at Texas A&M-Commerce F06:

    EDAD 508 The Administration of Special Programs
    EDAD 715 Public School Organization and Administration
    EDAD 595 Using Research for Basic Practice

    Dissertation Committees:

    Wei, Dongying (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Building an Evaluation Framework for Environmental Interpretation Systems in Chinese Geoparks: Case Study of Yuntaishan World Geopark," completed May 2009.

    Streb, Arthur G. Streb (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "The Impact of Participation in Co-Curricular Activities on the Academic Achievement of High Scool Students," completed May 2009

    Baker, David P. (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "An Investigation of Career and Technical Education in Local School Districts and the Special School District of St. Louis County, Missouri," completed August 2008.

    Sommers, Randall, (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "The Effects of a Higher Education Immersion Program on Urban Students: Five Case Studies," completed August 2008.

    Hylen, Michael (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "The Impact of a Computer Based Interactive Discipline Program on At-Risk Student Behavior in an Alternative School," completed August 2008.

    Burkemper, Michaelle (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "The Attitudes and Perceptions of Students Toward the Wearing of Uniforms in Public High School," completed May 2008.

    Craig, Bridget (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Attitudes of High School Seniors Toward Inclusion," completed May 2008.

    Carver, Clifford (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "The Impact of Systematic Professional Development on Selected Areas of Student Performance in Selected Missouri School Buildings," completed May 2008.

    Fink, Lieschen (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, Teaching and Assessing Using Multiple Intelligences Theory: A Classroom-Based Action Research Study," completed May 2008.

    Osman, Ozturgut (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Challenges of Administering a Sino-U.S. Joint Venture Campus in China," completed Fall, 2006.

    VanLaere, Vicki (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Transition Activities and Their Effects On Middle School Students," completed Fall, 2006.

    Jackson, Susan M. (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "The Factors that Influence a teacher’s Decision to Accept A High School Assistant Principal Position," completed Fall, 2006.

    Heger, Brad J. (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "A Comparison of Achievement Levels in Mathematics and Science, and Current Attitudes of Secondary Students in a Six-Period Daily Schedule with Those of Students in a Rotate-Eight Block Schedule," completed August, 2006.

    Butler, Aaron (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "The Relationship Between Resource Allocation Patterns In Missouri K-12 Public School Districts and Student Performance" completed May, 2006.

    Biddix, Patrick (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "The Power of E-Student Protest: A Study of Electronically Aided Student Activism", completed August, 2006.

    Bain, Daniel A. (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Indicators and Associated Intentions to Retire for Four-Year Institution Faculty," completed February, 2006.

    Fleming, Gail H. (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Alice Parker: American Choral Composer, Arranger and Educator," completed, Summer 2005.

    Varley, Paul C. (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "An Analysis of Rhythm Systems in the United States: Their Development and Frequency of Use by Teachers, Students, and Authors, and Relation to Perceived Learning Preferences," completed Summer 2005.

    Tucciarne, Krista M. (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Blurring The Boundaries Between 'Real' Reality and 'Reel' Reality: National Lampoon’s Animal House Versus The College Experience," completed, December 2004.

    Gwen, Linda (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Sustained Engagement in Mathematics for Elementary Age Learners: A Narrative Study of the Relationship Between Classroom Practices and the Incidence of Flow Learning Situations for Grade 2-5 Gifted Mathematics Learners," completed May 2004.

    Frances, Don (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "A Reanalysis of Missouri Senate Bill 380 and the Equalization of Missouri School Funding Between 1992-1993 And 1997-1998," completed, January 2004.

    Rathman, Rodney (Chair of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Factors Related To Job Satisfaction Among Teachers in Lutheran Schools," completed May 1998.

    McNichols, Tyron (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "Constructivism Deconstructed from Kant to Lyotard, The Process and Criteria for Judgment," completed January 1999.

    Chung, Insook (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "A Comparative Assessment of Constructivist and Traditionalist Approaches to Establishing Mathematical Connections in Learning Multiplication," completed December 1999.

    Terry, Marilyn (Member of Committee). Title of dissertation, "An Investigation of Differences in Cognition When Utilizing Math Manipulative and Math Manipulative Software," completed August 1995.



    St. Louis Public School, Special Education Curriculum Development

    Teaching and Learning Maxims. A pilot program of the John Templeton Foundation, in collaboration with CSD

    Integrating the Faith, A Teachers Guide for Curriculum in Christian Schools, Concordia Publishing House

    Scholastic Assistance for Global Education, Center for International Business, Education and Research (CIBER), Texas A&M University

    Major Committee Membership:

    A. UM System Committees:

    Intercampus Faculty Council 2007-2009, Secretary 2008-2009

    Small Grant Review Board 2005-2006

    Committee to Evaluate Status of Affiliates and Adjuncts 2005-2006

    B. UM-St. Louis University-wide Activities/Committees:

    University Assembly, 2002-2005; 2006-2009.

    Faculty Senate, 2002-2005; 2006-2009

    Senate Academic Advising Committee, 2007-2009, Chair 2007-2009

    Senate Admissions and Retention Committee 2002-2006

    Senate Facilities and Space Committee 2006-2009

    Senate International Relations Committee 2003-2006

    Senate Curriculum Committee 2002-2004

    Graduate Council 2004 to 2006

    Selection Committee, Chair

    Graduate Council Planning Committee 2005 to 2008

    Public Policy Research Center Strategic Planning Taskforce, 2006

    Ad Hoc Year Round Operations Feasibility Study Committee

    Community College President’s Advisory Council

    Chancellor's Strategic Planning Team 1999 to 2002

    C. College of Education Activities/Committees:

    Futures III International Collaboration Committee Chair, 2008-2009.

    Dean's Cabinet, 1999 to August, 2006

    Dean’s Space and Facilities Committee, 2005 to present

    Future’s II Committee,2003

    NCATE Steering Committee,2004

    NCATE Standards Committee,2004

    Diversity and Social Justice Planning Committee,2005

    D. UM-St. Louis Department Committees:

    Promoted to Professor, March 2009.

    Chair, Division of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies 1999 to August, 2006

    Member Dean's Cabinet 1999 to 2006

    Higher Education Committee 1999 to 2006

    Adult Education Committee 1999 to 2006

    K-12 Leadership Committee 1999 to 2006

    ATP Committee, Chair, 2005-2006

    E. National & International Committee Memberships/Organization Affiliations:

    Rotary International, 2008 to present. Team Facitator for Turkey Group Study Exchange and Member of Selection Team for GSE Team.

    International Association of Special Educators, 2000 to present. Selection committee for 2009 Board of Directors.

    National Staff Development Council, 1999 to 2007

    American Education Research Association (AERA), 2005-2007

    International Assembly, National Council for Social Studies, 1992 to 2003

    World's Affair Council, Volunteer Committee, St. Louis, 1992 to 2006

    International Computer and Communication's World Leaders Council (ICC) 1992-1999

    The International Educator's Institute (TIE), 1989 to 1994

    International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET), 1994 to present

    F. State Committee Memberships/Organization Affiliations

    Higher Education Evaluation Committee (HEEC), 2005-Present

    Certificate Review Committee, Mo. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 2004-2005.

    School Superintendent’s Assessment Cut Score Panel, Mo. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 2003.

    Cooperating School District’s Closing the Achievement Gap Meeting for University Professors

    Leadership Academy 20 Year Celebration Planning Committee, 2005

    State of Missouri Leadership Team 1995 to present

    State Evaluation Team for Pre-service Teachers Competencies (DESE)