Windows Live E-mail Service

All of the University of Missouri campuses have teamed up with Microsoft to provide students with a better e-mail solution. Students will receive a Windows Live account, which includes e-mail, online file storage, and other services. A Windows Live ID (, where username is the same as your UMSL SSOID) will be used to log on to all Windows Live services. The email service is called Windows Live.

While attending UMSL, students will have an e-mail alias to identify their campus affiliation:, where username is the same as your UMSL SSOID. This will be the e-mail address used for all official University communications. Students will be able to continue to use their official e-mail address and Windows Live services after graduation.

Ready to start using your new email service?
If you have not already done so, you will need to set up your UMSL SSO password by going to MyView@UMSL. Once you have set your SSO password you are ready to setup your Windows Live account.

The first time you use your new email service, you will be asked to provide your Windows Live first - time use password. Click here to find out your first-time use password! (this link will ask you for your current SSO ID and password)

Ready to access your Windows Live email?
To check your email, please sign on to MyGateway or go directly to

**When you first log into Windows Live with your first-time use password you will be asked to provide your year of birth as part of the verification process. Once you have provided that information you will be taken to the Windows Live Account Home Page, which has links to set a new password and to provide an alternate e-mail address so that you can easily recover your password if you forget it in the future.**

If you have any other questions or need assistance setting up your Windows Live e-mail account, please contact the Technology Support Center at 314-516-6034 or

Official email for currently registered UM-St. Louis students

  1. Information
  2. Log in

Microsoft Exchange
Available to faculty/staff only

  1. Log into Outlook Web (Recommended for off-campus faculty/staff who do not have Microsoft Outlook)
  2. Configure Microsoft Outlook for Exchange PC: Outlook Windows XP Mac: Outlook 2001
  3. Configure Microsoft Outlook Express for Exchange
  4. Forward Exchange e-mail to an off-campus e-mail account (Please note that the university cannot guarantee the security or reliability of your receiving mail at any third-party account.)
  5. All new faculty/staff will automatically receive a Microsoft Exchange account after information has been registered with the Human Resources department.