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Research Support and High Performance Computing

A general-purpose computer cluster forms a virtual nexus for researchers from all over campus and beyond. This Collaboratory is linked to and is part of research projects in:

  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Economics

The University of Missouri - St. Louis has operated a cluster computer on campus since 2001. Since this modest start in High Performance Computing, utilization has grown substantially. We are now in our second generation of cluster computing with 192 processors; we will continue to expand the resource in response to need. The cluster has made possible research spanning five academic disciplines in fields that include systems ecology and drug design. The research has generated over a dozen peer reviewed journal papers and professional conference presentations. The computational capacity forms the basis for several pending grant proposals.

UMSL is also planning an IT incubator facility on campus for early-stage IT companies. This offers an opportunity for synergistic development of the Center for High Performance Computing into a regional resource that provides capacity to the St. Louis community and local businesses in addition to the University.