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What is MundoHispano
and who's in here?

MundoHispano is a MOO that in 1994 was founded and developed by Lonnie Chu (aka "Colega") and Mike Mudge (aka "Kipp," currently designing and building the world's lightest RC airplanes).  Most importantly, however, MundoHispano is a community of native speakers of Spanish from around the world, teachers and learners of Spanish, and computer programmers, all of whom have volunteered their time and talent to make this a dynamic virtual world.

Containing thousands of rooms representing over a dozen countries, all of them written by the native speakers logging on from those countries, MundoHispano provides nearly limitless contexts in which the language learner can communicate for authentic purposes, learn about the many Spanish cultures, and create a home of their own in cyberspace's oldest Spanish MOO.

And just where do these people connect from?

Many of MundoHispano's residents, natives of cities in Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, and Peru have built portions of their favorite places. Others who have visited have connected from Panama, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Greece, the United States and many more.

Last updated 07/07/04
Lonnie Chu