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How to get started

First, download a MOO client onto your computer: Click here to get information on downloading MOO client programs.
Fill in this information in the client you choose to use:
Name:  MundoHispano
Host:  admiral.umsl.edu
Port:  8888
Type:  MOO
Web page:  http://www.umsl.edu/~moosproj/mundo.html

In some clients such as Pueblo, you'll want to check "send the username, then the password"

Next, using the client program you have loaded onto your machine, connect to MundoHispano as a guest. When you see the login screen come up, type: connect guest    ... and hit <enter>.  Once you connect to MundoHispano, you can use all of the original English language commands that you see in this list, or you may use their Spanish equivalents.

Then, if you want to build your own house in MundoHispano and use other fun features, request a character at MundoHispano by sending email to MariLuz at mundo@admiral.umsl.edu  Tell her your first and second choices for a name (one word) you would like to use.  You should receive your password within a few days. You will then be able to connect using your character's name and the password that was sent to you.

To connect via raw telnet (no client), go to MundoHispano at admiral.umsl.edu 8888. This method is not recommended, however, as incoming text will interrupt your own, making it difficult to read.

Last updated 07/07/04
Lonnie Chu