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What can my students do at MundoHispano?

  • Interview other MOOers
  • Gather information and write a report for class
  • Hunt for new vocabulary or idiomatic expressions
  • Build rooms in response to an in-class reading
  • Hold a party on the MOO, invite other online friends
  • Start a MOOmail correspondence with someone met on the MOO
  • Log their MOO sessions for later analysis
  • Design their own task
  • Keep a journal of MOO activities
If you're teaching Spanish in 2004 and/or 2005, contact Lonnie Chu at Syracuse University to arrange times when our classes might meet. 

To read a couple of papers by Lonnie Chu about using MOO for foreign language learning, click here

MOO Commandments by Janet Cross and Kristian Fuglevik

See also: La World Wide Web en la clase de E/LE by Mar Cruz Piñol, Universidad de Barcelona 

Last updated 07/07/04
Lonnie Chu