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What can I do in this MOO?

  • enter at the Puerta del Sol in the heart of Madrid
  • join friends on the terraza at the Retiro
  • have drinks and tapas in the Bar de Mejillones
  • go skiing with Lince on the slopes of Navacerrada
  • listen to the serenades of a "tuna" and a "mariachi"
  • attend a tertulia in the Café Gijón
  • teach and learn in a multi-lingual environment at the Café Tándem
  • ask Fomal to publish your book or poetry at Ediciones Addisley-Wesson
  • go to the library to read books in the public domain
  • play with MariLuz's dog Angelito
  • create your own room and the objects in it
When you tire of Madrid, take a flight from Barajas airport to other cities in MundoHispano. Type in the number of the flight you want to take, and you're off to one of dozens of cities that have been built by native speakers of Spanish who connect from the cities they have built.

Last updated 07/07/04
Lonnie Chu