Welcome to the Program in Biochemistry & Biotechnology! This program offers an innovative curriculum, designed in cooperation with the Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. The undergraduate B.S. and the graduate M.S. degrees provide students with a solid foundation in both chemistry and biology, as well as the opportunity to specialize in the rapidly growing fields of biochemistry and biotechnology. These are fields that continue to expand and we believe that a degree in biochemistry & biotechnology will provide graduates with the training they need to become part of the broad biotechnology and life sciences industries. The strength of our interdisciplinary curriculum is also reflected in the scores on our major field assessment exams, where our graduates rank very high compared to national norms. Although our program is still relatively new, we enroll over 100 undergraduate majors and about 50 master's students each semester. Please take a look at our web site. If you have questions please contact Dr. Bethany Zolman by email or at 314-516-6205.