St. Louis Mercantile Library

Metrolink Directions


Arriving from Lambert International Airport:

Transportation is easily available from the airport to the UMSL campus via MetroLink. From the Lambert Airport Main or Lambert Airport East Metro station take an Eastbound train to the UMSL North station. Upon exiting the platform walk to the right and enter the Millennium Student Center (approximately 200 yards across Parking Lot E). Pass through the student center and cross the glass enclosed pedestrian bridge. Walk left across the central quad area to the far end, and enter the library complex on the South side. [Note: there is also a UM-South station, which is on a far section of campus]

A MetroLink ticket costs $2.25 (Two-Hour Pass $ 2.75). Current passes or validated tickets are required on MetroLink. [Price information current as of March 15, 2011.] For further information consult

Not sure which station you need?
Try viewing the MetroLink System Map for additional information or use Google Transit orTripFinder.

The St. Louis Metro Transit system of light-rail and busses also provides access to many other St. Louis cultural attractions.

The Delmar-Loop Station (4th stop East of UMSL) for restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, and eclectic shopping.

The Forest Park Station (5th stop East of UMSL) exits about two blocks from the Missouri Historical Society Museum. MetroBus #90Southbound provides service to the St. Louis Zoo and St. Louis Art Museum, located further into the park.

The Central West End Station (6th stop East of UMSL) also provides a variety of restaurants and coffee shops.

The Union Station Station (8th stop East of UMSL) offers shopping and many restaurants located in the Historic St. Louis Union Station (this station exits directly into the complex).

The Arch-Laclede's Landing Station (13th stop East of UMSL) is a short walk from the Gateway Arch, the Museum of Westward Expansion, and St. Louis' Old Courthouse. Many restaurants are located along the the cobblestone streets of Laclede's Landing.