The Muchhala Lab
University of Missouri - St. Louis
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Nathan Muchhala
(Principal Investigator)

muchhalan [at]

Ph.D. University of Miami
B.A. Earlham College
Curriculum Vitae
Mónica Carlsen
(Postdoctoral Researcher)

carlsenm [at]

Ph.D. Univ. of Missouri - St. Louis
Univ. of Missouri - St. Louis
B.S. Universidad Central de
Camilo Calderón-Acevedo
(Ph.D. Student)

cackcb [at]

B.S. Universidad de Antioquia
Diana Gamba
(Ph.D. Student)

dlgtk5 [at]

M.Sc. San Francisco State University
B.S. Universidad del Valle
Serena Achá
(Ph.D. Student)

sia7vc [at]

B.S. Universidad Mayor de San Andrés
Rossana Maguiña
(M.Sc. Student)

nrm5h4 [at]

B.S. Universidad Peruana Cayetano
Interested in joining the lab?  I am currently recruiting graduate students and a postdoctoral researcher; see the welcome message on the home page.

Lab Meeting 2014

North American Symposium on Bat Research 2014