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Welcome to the Muchhala Lab!

  We study the evolutionary ecology of pollination systems.  Follow the links above to learn more about our research interests and goals. 

   If you are interested in joining the lab, take some time to explore this site, then contact me and we can discuss possibilities.  Be sure to clearly state why you want to join and what sort of research you would be interested in pursuing.

   Representative Publications and Press Coverage:

Muchhala, N., S. Johnsen, and S. D. Smith. 2014. Competition for hummingbird pollination shapes flower color variation in Andean Solanaceae.  Evolution 68(8): 2275–2286.

Muchhala, N., and J.D. Thomson. 2010. Fur versus feathers: Pollen delivery by bats and hummingbirds, and consequences for pollen production. American Naturalist 175(6):717-726  

            * Featured in Science Podcast (audio) and ScienceNOW

Muchhala, N., and J.D. Thomson. 2009. Going to great lengths: selection for long corolla tubes in an extremely specialized bat-flower mutualism. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 276:2147-2152 

            * Featured in Nature's Research Highlights, Nature 458:388

Muchhala, N. and M.D. Potts. 2007. Character displacement among bat-pollinated flowers of the genus Burmeistera: analysis of mechanism, process, and pattern.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B 274:2731-2737 

            * Featured in Science Daily News

Muchhala, N. 2006. Nectar bat stows huge tongue in rib cage. Nature 444:701-702

            * Featured in The New York Times, Quirks & Quarks (audio), Nature Podcast (audio), New Scientist

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