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- Video of seminar (in spanish) at the Univ. de Antioquia, Colombia

- USA Today: "Bat with supertongue seen for first time in Nat Geo series"

- National Geographic News: "Super-tongue bat caught on camera (with video)"

- Lincoln Journal Star: "Super-tongued bat discovered by UNL researcher"


- Interview with (audio)

- Interview for scientist profile in "Plant and Animal Systems", a Sally Ride Science book for 9-12 yr-olds


- Interview with Science Podcast (audio

- ScienceNOW: "Why are bat flowers oversexed?"


- Nature's Research Highlights: "Deeper still and deeper" (Nature 458:388)


-  Interview for Good Dirt Radio (audio)


- LiveScience: "Flowers evolve to suit birds and bats"

- Science Daily News: "Flowers shape themselves to guide their pollinator" 

- Science Daily News: "How to share a bat"


- The New York Times: "For an Andean nectar feeder, a tongue that wags the bat"  

- Interview with Quirks & Quarks (audio

- Interview with Nature Podcast (audio

- LiveScience: "Batty discovery: The longest tongue"

- New Scientist: "The bat with the incredibly long tongue"