Future Administrative Systems and Technologies (ProjectFAST) is the project to implement Oracle/PeopleSoft Student Administration (renamed MyView) and is part of an effort to continuously improve the quality of the UMSL administrative processes and systems that support students.

The mission of the Future Administrative Systems and Technology project is to significantly improve the student, staff and faculty experience with administrative processes, with the result of improved student recruitment, retention and engagement. Objectives

MyView - Student Information System

This website provides information about the project and related issues. Its purpose is to keep the campus community informed about the project as it continues to develop.

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What's New

The MyView Schedule of Classes for Summer semester 2008 will be available December 21, 2007.

Student Records:
October 2007: Successfully converted from CICS.
April 2008: Student enroll for Summer and Fall 2008 classes in MyView.

Financial Aid
October 2007: Online scholarship application is available through MyView.

March 2008: Students applying for aid for Fall 2008 can check the status for their aid in MyView.

Schedule of Classes
October 2007: Successfully converted from CICS.

Student Financials
October 2007: Successfully connected between MyView and PS Finance and submitted test GL feeds.

March 2008: Students access and pay bills through MyView.

Self-Service Go-Live
September 2007: First Self-Service options will become available. Undergraduate domestic applicants applying for the Summer 2008 semester and beyond will have the option to check the status of their application online.

Catalog Conversion Successful
The Student Records team has completed the initial conversion for the Course Catalog. It was VERY successful. The consultants said it was the cleanest conversion they had ever seen!
UPDATE 5/4/07: The catalog needs some more cleanup - but the conversion process is complete (two iterations early!!!)



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