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The Project Team
Steering Committee and Project Management:
Greg McCalley Executive Sponsor

Jim Tom

Assoc VC for IT

Ron Anderson Project Manager, Consultant
Jerry Hoffman Functional Project Lead
Eileen Liang Technical Project Lead
Stan Shaw Project Manager, Consultant
Functional Leads:
Mitch Hess Student Financials
Jaime Lincoln Admissions
Samantha Ruffini Financial Aid
Linda Silman Student Records
Heather Barnes Student Records, Consultant
Kristen Baldelli Student Financials, Consultant
Joyce Boss ITS Application Developer
Mary Brown Training, Communication & Documentation Lead
Diana Johnson Student Records
Laura Hofer ITS Application Developer
Pamela Kaiser-Lee Application Development
Karen Kirkwood ITS
Mimi Lamarca Student Records and Transfer Credit
Cornell Lewis Student Financials
Jaime Lincoln Admissions
Meg Matthews Financial Aid, Consultant
Paul Pratte Database Administrator

Forrest Roberts Financial Aid
Larry Westermeyer Reporting