SLACRR 2024 Program  

Sunday, May 19, 2024  

5:00    Michael Titelbaum (UW-Madison), Invited.

Monday, May 20, 2024  

9:00    Laura Tomlinson Makin (Colgate), "Causation and Inference"

           Chair: Matthew McGrath (WUSTL)  

10:35  Frederick Choo, (Rutgers) “Aesthetic Reasons: Requiring or Merely Enticing?” 

           Chair: Gabriella Zhang (WUSTL) 

1:45    Paskalina Bourbon (Chicago), “Reasons Required: What is a Kind of Reasoning?” 

           Chair: Aliosha Barranco Lopez (Bowdoin) 

3:20    Chris Blake-Turner (OK State), “Rational Intelligibility and The Kernel of Truth in the Guise of The Good” 

           Chair: Conner Schultz (UNC) 

5:00    Max Lewis (Yale), “The Puzzle of Requesting Evaluation”  

           Chair: Jacob MacDavid (Ohio State) 


Tuesday, May 21, 2024  

9:00    Thomas Raleigh (Luxembourg), “Higher-Order Suspension Can Be Rational” 

            Chair: Arianno Falbo (Bentley) 

10:35   Jason Bridges (Chicago), “The Form of Practical Reasoning: Comparison vs. Purpose” 

            Chair: John Schwenkler (Illinois) 

1:45     Tez Clark (NYU), “How Analyticity Illuminates Incoherence” 

            Chair: Tan Juanhe (Stanford) 

3:20    Antonio Chacón (UIUC), “Desire and Action, Anscombe’s ‘wanting’ and Aristotle’s ‘orexis’” 

           Chair: Allan Hazlett (WUSTL) 

5:00    Caroline Arruda (Tulane), Invited.  

           Chair: Matthew Smith (Northeastern) 









SLACRR is supported by the Departments of Philosophy at UMSL, WUSTL and SLU.  

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