Getting Here

SLACRR will take place at the Moonrise Hotel located at 6177 Delmar Boulevard, where most conferees stay.  A map of the Delmar Loop can be found here. (You’ll also see the Moonrise Hotel marked on the right hand side of Delmar, below Skinker and above Rosedale. The Metrolink Station is at the bottom of the map, marked with an “M,” just off Delmar).

Getting from Lambert Airport to the Moonrise Hotel

via Taxicab

The Moonrise Hotel is approximately a 12 mile drive from Lambert Airport. A taxicab would cost approximately $30 excluding tip. For information on taxicab service from the airport, visit the STL ground transportation page.

via Metrolink

The St. Louis Metrolink light-rail train links Lambert Airport to the Delmar Loop. A map of the Metrolink is available here.

If you fly with Southwest Airlines, you’ll land at the “Lambert Airport East” station stop; if you fly with any other airline, you’ll land at the “Lambert Airport Main” station stop. From either airport station stop, you’ll get on the Eastbound train (headed toward “Shiloh-Scott”) and take the train to the “Delmar Loop” station stop. (If you get on the train at “Lambert Airport East,” you’ll take the train 6 stops, and the ride takes 15 minutes. If you get on the train at “Lambert Airport Main,” you’ll take the train 7 stops, and the ride takes 17 minutes.)

As a general rule, the trains come every 15-20 minutes. Timetables for the Metrolink are available here. To use the Metrolink, you can purchase a ticket (usually $2.50, but $4.00 from the Airport) from an automated machine on the platform and then validate your ticket by inserting it into the red validation machines nearby, which will stamp you ticket. Carry the stamped ticket with you aboard the train.

When you get off the train the Delmar Loop stop, you’ll have a short walk to the Moonrise Hotel. After exiting the train, walk from the platform up the stairs, and turn left at the top – you’re now on Des Peres Street. Then, after a very short walk, turn right onto Delmar Blvd, and walk a couple of blocks to the Moonrise Hotel, which will be on your right. It has a giant rotating moon on top; you can’t miss it.