Knowledge Acquisition, Presentation, and Selection Abilities

During the knowledge acquisition process for the Closet Idea Gallery Design Tool, the decision support system asks the customers the following storage profile questions:


1.     Describe your closet?    


2.     How much shoe storage do you need?        


3.     How much space do you need for long Garments?   


4.     Where is the closet space?      


5.     How many baskets (or drawers) do you need?       


6.     What type of door does your closet have?   


7.     How much space do you need for stackable closet or pantry items?   


After the initial selection of options, the customer most select the closet dimensions that most closely match his/her closet.  This options include the following:







During the knowledge presentation and selection process of the Closet Idea Gallery Design Tool, design ideas are presented in a two dimensional illustration that includes measurements and design specifications.  These design ideas meet the needs specified by the customer during the knowledge acquisition process.  If the customer does not like the design presented, an alternate design idea can be selected that still meets the needs specified by the customer. 


As part of this process, the customer is also presented with knowledge about the various types of shelving that are offered.  For each type of shelving that is offered, a parts list and estimated project cost is also supplied to the customer to assist in the decision making process.  Once the customer has made a decision, the parts list can be printed from the system and brought to the store for purchase. 


If the Closet Idea Gallery does not have a design that fits the needs of the customer as noted in the storage profile questions, then the customer is asked to complete and submit a form that will be reviewed.  The requested design needs may possibly be included in additional designs that are added to the Closet Idea Gallery.  The customer can chose to be notified if a configuration that meets their design needs is added to the tool.


Finally, when leaving the Ventilated Shelving Design Tool, the customer is asked to take a short survey about their experience in using the on-line tools.  The survey gathers information on whether the tools were easy to use and helpful.

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