Benefits of the System

The Ventilated Shelving Design Tool offers the following benefits:


      Quick and Easy to use

-         Using the preconfigured designs, the customer only needs to answer a few questions and in minutes is supplied with designs, costs, and parts lists to assemble their ideal closet.


      On-line Support

-         If needed, on-line support in the form of live chat if available to the customer 24 hours a day.

-         Installation animation video that provides instructions on how to install a shelving system.


      Wide Variety of Options

-         Allows the customer to easily change between different design ideas that meet their specific needs easily comparing prices and layouts.

-         Allows the customer to customize their own designs if the pre-configured designs do not meet his or her needs.

-         Allows access to design professionals who will configure your design based on your needs if the customer does not wish to use the on-line tools.


      Expert Advice

-         Allows the customer to obtain the expertise of designers with the preconfigured design ideas that have been developed to maximize the efficient use of storage space.

-         Through the Professional Design Service, the customer also can obtain expert advice on designs that will meet his or her needs.

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