System Characterization & Problem Solving Capabilities

What knowledge does the system provide?

For standard storage areas, the Closet Idea Gallery includes preconfigured design ideas that meet an individualís specific needs.  The design tools also includes knowledge about the various parts that are needed to assemble the shelving for the storage area.  This tool provides knowledge about which types of shelving can be used for the project and the estimated costs of the project for each of the shelving types.  These shelving types include: 1) SuperSlide, 2) Shelf & Rod and 3) ShelfTrack.


For non-standard storage areas, a customization tools if offered that assists the customer in designing their own storage space.  This tool supplies the customer with knowledge about the various parts that can be used to design a storage area.  This tool will also alert the customer when a part he or she is selecting for their design will not appropriately fit within the configuration 


For those customers who do not wish to use any of the on-line tools, Professional Design Services are offered.  The customer can answer a few questions and a design professional will design a storage spaced for the customer.  With this option, the customer is provided knowledge from design professionals.


What problem does the system solve during decision making?

The Ventilated Shelving Design Tool is a model-driven decision support system that allows the customer to solve the problem of efficiently using storage space, identifying the parts needed to assemble the designed space, and estimating the costs for the project.

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