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This page changes frequently and will not necessarily announced in class. You might consider using a tool such as Follow that Page to alert you to changes.

This page changes frequently.
You might consider using a tool such as Follow that Page to alert you to changes.

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. Systems and Systems Thinking
Definition of a System
A system definition courtesy of the Pentagon. This is the actual image used by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, the leader of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, to portray the complexity of American military strategy.
Horizonwatching: A Smarter Planet --- aka a system!
Systems and Systems Thinking
Dr. Ackoff talk about his views of thinking, check out his YouTube video, Exploring Systems Thinking. See Part 2 and Part 3.

. The Standish Reports
. Standish Group Report: Chaos
. Resolution of Projects
. Resolution of Projects, 1994-2004
. Cost Overruns
. Cost Overruns, 1994-2004
. Top Ten Reasons for Success
. CHAOS Report: 1994
. Glass, Robert L. The Standish Report: Does It Really Describe a Software Crisis?, Communications of the ACM, 49(8), August, 2006, pp. 15-16.
. Jørgensen, Magne and Kjetil Moløkken, How Large Are Software Cost Overruns? A Review of the 1994 CHAOS Report, Information and Software Technology, 48(4), April 2006.
. Standish view of Best Practices for SAD
. A humorous view of best practices. (View pdf Version)

. Software Project Failure Costs Billions.. Better Estimation & Planning Can Help(1/23/13)

. Systems Analysis
What Does A Systems Analyst Really Do?
What is Systems Analysis
Systems Development Life Cycle
Process v. Data Orientation
Different Types of Systems
Stage Deliverables
More about Deliverables
Six 'Soft Skills' Every Analyst Needs to Know
Agile Methods
Soft Systems Methods
Benefits of Systems Analysis
Cost of software repair by lifecycle stage
unintended consequences in systems analysis

. An example consultant's analysis report: Strider and Cline evaluate UM's implementation of PeopleSoft. (1/23/13)

. The previous edition of your textbook had a chapter entitled "Succeeding as a Systems Analyst." It is available here with permission of the publisher. (1/23/13)

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