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Blog Assignment 4: Describe your experience in working for your client this semester. Do you believe your work will have an impact? DUE: April 27

Complete the supplemental group evaluation form, ignoring the columns labeled "prototype" and "cost/benefit." You can email it to me or turn it in in class. DUE: Monday, April 20

Blog Assignment 3: Someone noted in a blog that you are actually volunteering for your client by working on this project. (Of course, you did not volunteer since it is a required part of a required course.) What is your reaction to the fact that you are doing volunteer work? DUE: April 15

Write one use case and create a use case diagram that depicts the problem in the National Merchandising Case that you have already considered. DUE: April 13. My Solution.

Draw the Level 0 diagram for the National Merchandising Case using Visio. DUE: April 8.

Create data dictionary (repository) entries for the following noted in the Level 4 Explosion of the data flow diagram discussed in class.
Process 4.3, "Check Course Availability"
The flow of information from Process 4.2 to Process 4.3, labeled "eligible students."

It is not necessary to use any tool to create them. They may be of the form discussed in class, or of the form discussed in the book, or an improved version you might have found elsewhere. DUE: April 8.

Create a Context Diagram and a Level 0 diagram for the National Merchandising Case. The diagrams can be drawn by hand. DUE: March 16. My solution.

List 5 things you learned from the IDE-O video. DUE: March 4.

Blog Assignment 2: Your client will visit the class on to provide the first overview of the organization and its needs. Discuss what you think will happen. In particular identify what topics you expect the client to address, how this person and her colleagues will be different from other business managers you know, and what kinds of problems you think will be identified in the discussion. This assignment is asking you to discuss your pre-conceived opinions of your client site. DUE: March 8.

Once the resumes have been completed, you will use them to complete the Group Forming Assignment in groups (that will be identified later). We will talk more about this in class. Please note: If there are people in class with whom you cannot work because of previous experience, please email me asap. This group assignment will be due by 5:00 p.m. on February 20.

Blog Assignment 1: Each of you should will have a private blog available on MyGateway. The purpose of the blog is to encourage you to reflect on your project -- both the process and the client. It is important for you to be honest in your blog -- don't write what you think I want to hear. Grading is a function of the development of your thoughts not their similarity to what I think! For your first assignment, I want you to write about your thoughts on not-for-profit organizations. In particular, you need to reflect on why not-for-profit organizations exist, what different kinds there are, and their role society. Finally, discuss any volunteer work you have done for any kind of not- for-profit organization. This assignment -- and all blog assignments -- may be done in multiple installments. DUE: February 23.

Create a web page that describes your abilities and aptitudes for systems analysis. This page must describe the range of skills, and your aptitude thereon as discussed in the class materials. It must include your grades in specific IS classes, other computer experiences, your business education and experience, your GPAs, your perceived aptitude on creativity, project management, communication skills, project-relevant experience, knowledge of web pages, your strengths and weaknesses, your location, your schedule, and other items you think would explain your readiness. You may get additional items to add after discussing it in class. A grading template is available. A template for this information is available on the web. You do not need to use this template, but the information does need to be presented in a web page without identifying information. When it is complete, you will send me a link to the page and I will post it anonymously. These will be used as the basis of the group forming assignment. This assignment will count as a "triple" assignment for homework. DUE: February 13 (email me link).

Identify the business rules of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. DUE: February 16.

Find a comic strip or cartoon that demonstrates one or more habits of a systems thinker. DUE: February 11.

Rewatch the videos showing Dr. Ackoff, and write down five things you learned from it. DUE: February 9.

Do something creative. Document it. DUE: February 4.

Watch the video, Making Systems Thinking Sexy, and write down five things you learned from it. DUE: February 2.

Identify the business rules associated with registration at UMSL. DUE: February 2.

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