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Career Fair Success

Make that career fair count! Hear firsthand from recruiters how you can make the best impression on potential employers to land an interview or internship.
Run Time: 03:30
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The Cover Letter

The cover letter can make all the difference and land you the interview that you want. Know what to say and how to say it, so you get noticed by potential employers.
Run Time: 03:33
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Follow Up with Employer

When do you call a potential employer? Do you email or send a letter? Find out what some of the nation's leading recruiters advise and learn what steps to take and when.
Run Time: 03:43
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Importance of Networking

What does 'networking' really mean, and how do you use it to your advantage? Experts reveal how to make the most of YOUR network to land the job that you want.
Run Time: 03:27
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The Interview

The resume gets you in the door; the interview gets you the job! Hear firsthand what to say, what NOT to say, and how to best present yourself.
Run Time: 03:45
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Advice from Graduates

Hear what these grads wish they knew BEFORE they graduated. Young professionals share 'insider' knowledge on the job hunt.
Run Time: 03:01
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Perils of Social Networking

More recruiters than ever are relying on the Internet to get the real scoop on job candidates. Know how to protect your cyberspace reputation.
Run Time: 03:25
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Make Your Resume POP

You have 15 seconds to make a great first impression. Make those seconds count by knowing what to write on your resume!
Run Time: 03:47
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The Elevator Pitch
In 15 seconds or less can you clearly, confidently and concisely convince a CEO to hire you? Learn how to perfect your pitch.
Run Time: 03:24
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Finding a Co-op/Internship

Co-ops/internships are an invaluable way to evaluate a company and learn more about a career. Find out how to get 'real world' experience, by landing the best co-op/internship possible.
Run Time: 03:30
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Interview Dress for Women

Appearance can make or break your job search. Fashion experts show the pitfalls and advise young women on what to wear.
Run Time: 03:32
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Interview Dress for Men

Hear from a leading expert why it matters what you wear and how you wear it. See what works and what doesn't, when a top retailer shows young men how to dress for interview success!
Run Time: 03:58
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