Academic dress is required for all commencement participants.

The Grad Fair
July 8 & 9, 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
University Bookstore, Millennium Student Center

  • Purchase your cap and gown.
  • Order or purchase announcements, thank you and personal notes.
  • Look at class rings.
  • Receive information about the UMSL Alumni Association.

Bachelor's - cap, gown, tassel - $38.98 plus tax
Master's - cap, gown, tassel - $38.98 plus tax
Master's - hood only - $24.99 plus tax
Doctorate* - cap, gown, tassel - $33.98 plus tax
Doctorate* - hood - $30 plus tax (optometry only)
Tassel only with custom charm - $8.99 plus tax

*Item(s) for doctorate are rented, not purchased.

Note: YOU MUST REGISTER AT THE BOOKSTORE if you plan to participate in the ceremony  - even if you have your own cap and gown (not purchasing through the Bookstore).  This is the only way a seat is reserved for you.  AND YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A TASSEL.

A $10 surcharge will be added to caps and gowns purchased AFTER July 31.


Bring bobby pins to secure cap.

Gowns are to be worn with a collared shirt and tie.

Candidates for the degrees PhD, EdD, DNP will rent, rather than purchase their attire. Measurements will be taken at the Grad Fair in the Bookstore.

Note: Attire not picked up from the Bookstore will be available THE DAY OF COMMENCEMENT in the Faculty Robing Room.


  • Undergraduates who have earned Latin Honors (i.e. cum laude) will receive a special tassel from the academic advisor in the robing room.
  • Pierre Laclede Honors College graduates will receive special honors cords from the Honors College office.
  • Students who belong to academic honor societies recognized by UMSL may wear that organization's honor cords or pins (at the student's expense)
  • No other gown adornment is allowed.


  • Bookstore 314-516-5763, 314-516-5765, or 314-516-5727.
  • Concerning your eligibility to graduate - contact your academic advisor or the Dean's Office.
  • General questions. Re-read these instructions.
    If you still have a question, call the Office of University Events,