Cap and Gown Information


WHY? Academic dress is required for all commencement participants.

WHERE & WHEN? The Grad Fair June 27 & 28,  11 a.m.-7 p.m. University Bookstore, Millennium Student Center

COST Bachelor's - cap, gown, tassel - $38.98 plus tax Master's - cap, gown, tassel - $38.98 plus tax Master's - hood only - $24.99 plus tax Doctorate* - cap, gown, tassel - $33.98 plus tax Doctorate* - hood - $30 plus tax (optometry only) Tassel only with custom charm - $8.99 plus tax

*Item(s) for doctorate are rented, not purchased.

Note: YOU MUST REGISTER AT THE BOOKSTORE if you plan to participate in the ceremony  - even if you have your own cap and gown (not purchasing through the Bookstore).  This is the only way a seat is reserved for you.  AND YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A TASSEL.

A $10 surcharge will be added to caps and gowns purchased AFTER Monday. July 23.

WOMEN Bring bobby pins to secure cap.

MEN Gowns are to be worn with a collared shirt and tie.

SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR DOCTORAL CANDIDATES Candidates for the degrees PhD, EdD, DNP and OD will rent, rather than purchase their attire. Measurements will be taken at the Grad Fair in the Bookstore.

Note: Attire not picked up from the Bookstore will be available THE DAY OF COMMENCEMENT in the Faculty Robing Room.