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English 313, Dr. Bill Klein

Writing is a difficult process, but not impossible. By following some simple rules and staying consistent with them, anyone can develop an acute sense of correct grammar and style.

English 313 is one way to improve your writing skills, especially if you are interested in Web writing. The course offers a lot of helpful exercises and guidelines to follow. The main areas of emphasis in the course are:

  • Diction
  • Clarity
  • Sentence structure
  • Tone
  • Active and passive verbs
  • Style

For a better understanding of the writing process, English 313 provides some samples of worst technical writing and style sheets with grammatically incorrect sentences, which are discussed in class.

There are a lot of sources on the Web that give information of how to improve your writing skills. Webster's website is a thorough guide to writing. It has many digital handouts on English grammar and usage and over 150 computer-graded quizzes, which provide answers as well.

Another useful website is affiliated with Bristol University. There, you can get an individualized writing instruction and tutorial assistance in grammar, compostion, and other aspects of writing.

If you are an UMSL student interested in writing, there is an opportunity for you to enroll in the Writing Certificate Program on campus.

The UMSL English Department can offer you many useful writing courses, among which English 313 is one of the best.

UMSL English Dept.