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English 313

Instructor: Dr. William D. Klein


New Technologies


In English 313: Introduction to Business and Technical Writing we will use and become familiar with several new computer technologies.

First and foremost, we will use email via the class listserv. We will use this to communicate with eachother about various topics covered in class. There will be email assignments throughout the semester. However, you are encouraged to use the listserv as often as you like.

Through using the listserv you should develop your own stlye of email; your own rhetorical style, one that reflect who you are.

In this cours you will also be introduced to PowerPoint. You will develop a PowerPoint presentation and present it to the class. PowerPoint can be a powerful tool in making presentations. It can also be detrimental to your presentation if it is more distracting than it is a visual aid.

In English 313 you will learn how to use an HTML editor, like Adobe's PageMill and Macromedia's Dreamweaver, to create a website. You will learn how to insert images and table on your webpage, and how to create images with Adobe's Photoshop program. You will then learn how to FTP your website to UMSL's server.

In this course you will develop a rhetorical style that will be valuable in the business world. You will then be able to apply this style when using the various new technologies that you will be introduced to in this course.


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