Bergmann Scholarship


                                                The Roy and Hilda Bergmann Scholarships
                                                                          for Literature  

                                                              UMSL Department of English

                                            Two or more $4000 Scholarships for Outstanding English
                                            majors with an interest in Writing and a minimum
                                            GPA of 3.3 at UMSL and 2.7 at any other colleges 
                                            you may have attended.

                                            Applicants must be declared English Majors, enrolled in the 
                                            University with at least 45 credit hours and at least 2 full-time
                                            semesters left to graduate by January 2013.

                                                    Application forms will be available October 2012

                                            Submissions must include a writing sample from any college
                                            class, a letter of recommendation from a department member, 
                                            and may also include records of published prose or poetry or 
                                            writing awards or enrollment in a Department writing program.
                                            Applications should also include a cover letter explaining your
                                            interest in the English major, writing, and/or teaching and
                                            how an English degree will contribute to your career plans.
                                            Awards will be based upon faculty recommendation, writing 
                                            sample, academic performance, and letter.


                                                      Submissions deadline: December 1, 2012.

                                            With the help of a Chancellor's representative, applications
                                            will be judged by Department's Awards Committee.
                                            Awards will be disbursed over two semesters contingent
                                            on awardees' enrollment at UMSL in two English courses each
                                            enrollment at UMSL in two English courses each semester as
                                            a declared Major. Bergmann Scholars will be eligible for further
                                            aid Bergmann Scholars will be eligible for future aid from the 
                                            Department's Alumni and Friend Scholarships ($1500 apiece,
                                            majors at 75 hours or more).                           

                                            Applications available in Lucas 484, English Department.

                                            Questions may be directed to Awards Committee Chair.