Language Courses


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2810 Traditional Grammar (3) [C]
An introduction to the terms and concepts of traditional grammar, beginning with the parts of speech and moving to more complex structures such as participles, gerunds, and clauses. The course also deals with the conventions of formal usage and punctuation.

3500 Special Studies (1-3)
Prerequisites: A course in the area of proposed work and consent of instructor. Individual work, with conferences adjusted to needs of the student. May not be used to meet specific English department distribution and language requirements. May be repeated for a maximum total of three hours credit.

4800 Linguistics (3)
Prerequisite: Englsh 3100; majors, Englsh 3090. A survey of linguistics with emphasis on what the field reveals about the English language. Topics include the sounds of language, grammar, writing systems, language acquisition, language in society, language history, dialects, and usage.

4810 English Grammar (3)
Prerequisite: Englsh 3100; majors, Englsh 3090; Englsh 2810 or passing grade on English-Education Test of Basic Grammar. A study of modern English grammar from the perspectives of traditional, structural, and transformational grammar.

4820 History of the English Language (3)
Prerequisite: Prerequisites: Englsh 3100 or equivalent. A historical survey of the English language from its Indo-European roots through Old and Middle English to the present. Topics include changes in sound, meaning, and grammar, as well as developments in American English, including regional and social dialects.

5800 Modern Linguistics (3)
A study of selected topics in the structure of the English language, combining readings in current linguistics publications with original research.