English Major Course Offerings


General Education and Writing Courses

Every semester: 1100 Freshman Composition (e), (o)
1130 Topics in Literature
3100 Advanced Expository Writing (e), (o)
3120 Business Writing (e), (o)
3130 Technical Writing (o)
3150 Feature Writing
4860 Editing
4890 Writing Internship
4892 Independent Writing Project
Every year: 1110 Freshman Composition for International Students
2080 Advertising Copywriting
3160 Writing in the Sciences
Every other year: 2120 Topics in Writing
3800 Topics in Women and Literature
3110 Advanced Expository Writing for International Students
3140 Newswriting
3280 Public Relations Writing

1120 Literary Types
1160 Images of Age in Literature
1170 American Literary Masterpieces
1175 Arts and Ideas
1200 Myth
1700 African-American Literature
1710 Native American Literature
2080 Advertising Copywriting
2230 Jewish Literature
2240 Literature of the Old Testament
2250 Literature of the New Testament
3180 Reporting
3500 Special Studies

Creative Writing Courses

Every semester: 2030 Introduction to the Writing of Poetry
2040 Introduction to the Writing of Fiction
Every year: 4140 Advanced Fiction Writing Workshop
4160 Advanced Workshop in Fiction & Poetry Writing
4985 Editing Litmag
Every other year: 3040 Fiction Writing Workshop: Narrative Techniques
3030 Poetry Writing Workshop: Lyric and Form
4130 Advanced Poetry Writing Workshop

English Education Courses

Every semester: 4880 Writing for Teachers
4885 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching English
4888 English Teaching Seminar

Courses for the English Major-Lower Division

Every semester: 2310 English Literature I (e-fall)
2320 English Literature II (e-winter)
2710 American Literature I (e-fall)
2720 American Literature II (e-winter)
2810 Traditional Grammar (e-winter)
3090 Practical Criticism: Writing About Literature (e-winter)
Every year: 2280 The Contemporary World in Literature
Occasionally: 2330 Introduction to Poetry
2340 Introduction to Drama
2350 Introduction to Fiction

Courses for the English Major-Upper Division
At least one 4000 level course will be offered in the evening every semester, topics will vary.

At least two 4000-level American Literature courses will be offered each semester: 4610 Selected Major American Writers
4620 Selected Major American Writers II
4640 American Fiction to World War I
4650 Modern American Fiction
4740 Poetry since World War II
At least two 4000-level British Literature courses before 1790 will be offered each semester:

4260 Chaucer
4270 Medieval English Literature
4320 Elizabethan Poetry and Prose
4340 Early Seventeenth-Century Poetry and Prose 4350 Milton
4370 Shakespeare: Tragedies and Romances
4380 Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories
4420 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature
4450 The Eighteenth-Century English Novel
4931 English Women Writers, 1300-1750

At least two 4000-level British Literature courses after 1790, will be offered each semester: 4510 Early Romantic Poetry and Prose
4520 Later Romantic Poetry and Prose
4540 The Nineteenth-Century English Novel
4550 Novels into Film: The Nineteenth Century
4560 Prose and Poetry of the Victorian Period
4580 Literature of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
4750 Modern British Fiction
4934 Austen and the Brontes
4935 Women Heroes and Romantic Tales

Additional elective courses at the 4000-level will be offered according to the following schedule:

Every year: 4060 (Adolescent Literature)
4800 (Linguistics)
4810 (English Grammar)
4820 (History of the English Language)
4850 (Topics in Teaching of Writing)
4950 (Special Topics in Literature [topics vary])
Every other year: 4640 (American Fiction to World War I)
4740 (Poetry since World War II)
4760 (Modern Drama)
4770 (Modern Poetry)
4900 (Seminar [topics vary])
4920 (Major Works of European Fiction)
4930 (Studies in Gender and Literature)
Occasionally: 4000 (History of Literary Criticism)
4030 (Contemporary Critical Theory)
4050 (Forms and Modes of Poetry)
4070 (The Two Cultures: Literature and Science)
4080 (Narrative, Cognition, and Emotion)
4360 (Tudor and Stuart Drama)
4410 (Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama)
4440 (Age of Johnson)
4630 (African American Literature prior to 1900)
4660 (African American Literature since 1900)
4870 (Advanced Business & Technical Writing)
4932 (Female Gothic)
4933 (Female Novel of Development)
4936 (Tales of the Islamic East)
4937 (Irish & Irish-American Women Writers)
4938 (American Women Poets of 20th/21st Centuries)
4940 (Special Topics in Jewish Literature)
4960 (Ethnic Literature)
4970 (Short Fiction in World Literature)