Decision Support Systems For Business Intelligence
    by Vicki L. Sauter

Chapter 1: Introduction to DSS for BI



Historical Developments

History of DSS
DSS Resources
DSS Web Tour
DSS Books
Interview with Clyde Holsapple
Can DSS Impact Decision Outcomes?
Critique of Blink Book

Gartner's Magic Quadrant


Planners Blog
Mike Trick's Blog
A Random Forest
OR at Work
Punk Rock Operations Research
The ORMS Blog
BI Blogs
Project Management 411
Business Intelligence -- Oracle
Cyril on Business Intelligence

Sample Systems

Good Guide
WATERSHEDSS:A Decision Support System for Non-Point Source Pollution Control

Definitions and Bibliography

What is a Decision Support System?
DSS Glossary

Research Resources

Dispensing Justice Locally
Top 5 DSS Sites
Computer Almanac
Decision Support Systems - Academic Journal
DSS Research Resources
DSS Journals
Selected Papers and Bibliographies
Information Systems Research -- Academic Journal
MISQ Discovery

Teaching Resources

DSS Related Text Books

Other General Sources

Holsapple and Whinston's DSS Pages
DS:The Executive Journal for Data Intensive Decision Support
IS World DSS Page
DSS Glossary
Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) Home Page
Human Computer Interface Bibliography
WARIA Web Places


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