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. . Movie Night: Hidden Figures, Friday March 9th at 7 pm in ESH 204 . .

.American Express Kept a (Very) Watchful Eye on Charges

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.Data Visualization

.Four Charts Every Manager Needs
.6 Best Practices for Creating Effective Dashboards
    Read the WhitePaper here
.Are female emojis sexist and harmful to girls?
.The Must Do's of Marketing Dashboards
More on graphics
. Why Boat Refugees Don't Fly
. Spurious Correlations
. A Day in the Life of Americans
. Florence Nightengale's Coxcombs
. Napoleon's March

. The Rise of Big Data

. Data Visualization
.Tableau Examples
. Three years of data of free Code Camp chat
.10 cheat codes for designing User Interfaces
.Visualization: Future Science: Using 3D Worlds to Visualize Data
.3 Ways Psychological Schemas Can Improve your Visualization

. Uses
.Improved Customer Service and Security with Data Analytics
.Using Analytics to Improve Customer Engagement

. Tools
.Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

. Watson at Jeopardy

. Artificial Intelligence
. Why AI Researchers Should be more Paranoid
. Watch a Human Try to Fight Off that Door-Opening Robot Dog
. The Pentagon Wants Your Help Analyzing Satellite Images
. When Good A.I. Goes Bad

. More about Decision Making: Cognitive Diversity Helps Teams Solve Problems Faster

. Tableau
. Student License for Tableau
. Student Resource Page
. Sample Data Sets
. Eric kindly shared the syllabus from IS6860 and some instructions and tutorials. Both of these are available from our Cascade site under "Pages" (look for Tableau Information).

. Modeling
. My Journey Into Data Science
. Predictive Analytics: Sound data science
. Risk in Modeling: Rolling up Operational Risk at PG&E

. 15 Stunning Data Visualizations (And What You Can Learn From Them)

. Big Data
. Graphs by MIT Students Show the Enormously Intrusive Nature of Metadata
. Enron Offers an Unlikely Boost to E-Mail Surveillance
. Universities Rush to Roll out Computer Science Ethics Courses

. Decision Making
. Dan Gilbert: Why we make bad decisions
. Sheena Iyengar: How to make choosing easier
. Are we in control of our own decisions?
. The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives
. Perception issues: what color is this dress?
    . More about it
. Attention to details
    . Basketball
    . Three attention Tests

. DSS and Humans: Issues for Decision Making
At UPS the Algorithm Is the Driver
Confidence Games: Why People Donít Trust Machines to Be Right
Charles Barkley Comments on Role of Advanced Statistics, Analytics in NBA

. Politics & Analytics: The election that confounded everybody

. Probability Management: Rolling up operational risk at PG&E

. Even Imperfect Algorithms Can Improve the Criminal Justice System - The New York Times
The New York Times
Sam Corbett-Davies; Sharad Goel; Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon
December 20, 2017

Researchers note computer algorithms that U.S. judges increasingly use to determine whether defendants awaiting trial must pay bail or can be released without payment are helping to combat bias and arbitrariness in human decisions. These algorithms provide scores rating a defendant's risk of skipping trial or committing a violent crime if released, bringing a modicum of consistency and evenhandedness to the process. Experiments also have demonstrated the programs' utility in informing sentencing decisions, with one study finding officers could cut back their supervision of individuals deemed low risk without increasing rates of recidivism. These and other examples show concerns of algorithms exacerbating the biases of their creators are mostly unfounded, as long as they are well designed. To avoid biased data's corruption of statistical judgments, the researchers recommend against estimating risk of arrest instead of risk of commission of a crime, and urge following the best statistical practices that avoid unequally predictive risk factors across groups. Full article.

. The Joy of Statistics
  • The best stats you've ever seen
  • Global population growth, box by box
  • How not to be ignorant about the world

  • . Graduate Students: Approved paper topics.

  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence Use in a particular industry
  • Analytics Maturity
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Mining
  • OLAP
  • Comparison of BI Tools
  • Intelligence in BI Tools
  • Data Visualization
  • Metaphors in BI
  • DashBoards
  • Human-Computer Interaction Systems
  • Transnational Application Issues
  • Evaluation of BI Tools
  • Each student must select a topic from the above list and have it approved. Other topics must be approved asap.

    . Analytics Blogs
    Mike Trick's OR Blog
    Punk Rock Operations Research
    Business Intelligence -- Oracle
    Cyril on Business Intelligence

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