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. Sports Analytics Featured in the Latest INFORMS Editor's Cut

. Data as Art, an exhibit at Northwestern University.

. The Joy of Statistics

. History of BI.

. Decision Making
Dan Gilbert: Why we make bad decisions
Sheena Iyengar: How to make choosing easier
Are we in control of our own decisions?
The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives
Perception issues: what color is this dress? More about it

. Watson Analytics

. A new tool, InetSoft

. Graphs by MIT Students Show the Enormously Intrusive Nature of Metadata
. Davos: Businesses grapple with Big Data challenge

. Data
. Spurious Correlations
. How to Lie with Visualizations: Statistics, Causation vs Correlation, and Intuition!

. Gun Deaths by State Ideology
. Gerrymandering is even More Infuriating When You Can Actually See It
. The 'weird' NFL schedule quirk a Rutgers math prof found

Dilbert cartoon about causality

. A new way to visualize weather data

weather map showing loaves of bread rather than inches of snow

. Some of the top articles for 2015 (according to SAS)
6 big data dos and doníts
Big data and the Internet of Things: Two sides of the same coin?
Amplify your data career with analytics
Hiring? We have the data scientist interview questions you need
How Hadoop can help... even if you donít have big data
Tracking down answers to your questions about data scientists
6 big data dos and doníts

. Recent Articles
The Ascendency of Data Lakes
Why People Get More Stupid in a Crowd
The Moral Hazard of Big Data
Maps moving in time: a standard of excellence for data displays
Why You Decide the Way You Do
The big data of bad driving, and how insurers plan to track your every turn

. The Queen of Code.

. Graduate Students: Approved paper topics.
  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence Use in a particular industry
  • Analytics Maturity
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Mining
  • OLAP
  • Comparison of BI Tools
  • Intelligence in BI Tools
  • Data Visualization
  • Metaphors in BI
  • DashBoards
  • Human-Computer Interaction Systems
  • Transnational Application Issues
  • Evaluation of BI Tools
  • Each student must select a topic from the above list and have it approved. Other topics must be approved asap.

    . Big Data: Lessons From Earlier Revolutions

    . Analytics Blogs
    Mike Trick's OR Blog
    Punk Rock Operations Research
    Business Intelligence -- Oracle
    Cyril on Business Intelligence

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