Decision Support Systems For Business Intelligence
    by Vicki L. Sauter

Chapter 6: International Issues in DSS and BI

Cultural influence on the relative occurrence of evidence types
Cracking the Code of Machine Translation (may require free registration)
Culture Map
How Cultures View TimeS
Why It's So Hard to Design Arabic Typefaces
Does Your Language Shape How You Think?
Europe's Privacy Cops
Experts Meet to Enhance Arabic Language for IT
Firms ignore the foreign language internet at their peril
How culture shapes the office
How Europe's Privacy Law will Cramp Sales Styles
How Language Seems to Shape One's View of the World
IIIT to Break Online Language Barrier
International Business and Technology Page
Lexical Distance Among Languages
Online Language Dictionaries and Translators
What is Social Informatics and Why Does it Matter?
Managing Global IT Teams: Considering Cultural Dynamics
We're All Using the Emoji Wrong
The World Is Wary of American Cloud Computing. But It Always Was


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