Decision Support Systems For Business Intelligence
    by Vicki L. Sauter

Chapter 5: The User Interface

Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Pen-based System
Figure 2: Mobile Phones as Input and Output Devices
Figure 3: Wall Screens as Displays
Figure 4: Virtual Reality Devices
Figure 5: A Wii Device
Figure 6: MIT Media Lab's View of User Interface Device
Figure 7: MIT Media Lab's View of User Interface Device
Figure 8: MIT Media Lab's View of User Interface Device
Figure 9: MIT Media Lab's View of User Interface Device
Table 1: User Interfaces
Table 2: Basic Action Language Types
Figure 10: One Form of a Menu
Figure 11: A "Ribbon Bar" as a Menu
Figure 12: Independent Command and Object Menus
Figure 13: Combined Command and Object Menu
Figure 14: Nested Menu Structure
Figure 15: Question-Answer Format
Figure 16: Personalized Question-Answer Format
Figure 17: Command Language Format
Figure 18: I/O Structured Format
Figure 19: Free-form Natural Language Format
Figure 20: Windowed Output
Figure 21: Icon Options
Figure 22: Metriglyphs
Figure 23: Using Traffic Lights as Metriglyphs
Figure 24: Map Drawn to scale of Sales Volume
Figure 25: Graphical Representation
Figure 26: Disaggregate Posting of Results
Figure 27: Minard's Map of Napoleon's 1812 Russian Campaign
Figure 28: Relationship Diagram
Figure 29: Depth of Relationship Diagram
Figure 30: OnScreen Analysis Change Prompting
Figure 31: Additional Onscreen Prompting
Figure 32: Scaling Deception
Figure 33: Distortion in Histogram
Figure 34: Individual Histogram
Figure 35: Aggregated Histogram
Figure 36: Use of International Symbols
Figure 37: An Alternative Menu Format
Figure 38: Initial screens from Commercial Automobile Purchasing System
Figure 39: Data Entry Options
Codebox 1: Data Input: Text Boxes
Codebox 2: Data Input: Radio Buttons
Codebox 3: Data Input: Check Boxes
Figure 40: Change in Menu after other Selections
Codebox 4: Popup Windows
Figure 41: Possible Window Definitions
Figure 42: Mechanisms for Opening Windows
Codebox 5: Opening Sized Windows
Figure 43: Alternative Method for Opening Windows
Codebox 6: Opening Windows in Specific Locations


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