Decision Support Systems For Business Intelligence
    by Vicki L. Sauter

Chapter 10: Executive Information Systems and Dashboards

Figures and Tables

Figure 1: Building a Balanced Scorecard
Figure 2: The Federal IT Dashboard
Figure 3: First Drill Down
Figure 4: Second Drill Down
Figure 5: Third Drill Down
Figure 6: Fourth Drill Down
Figure 7: Analysis in a Dashboard
Figure 8: Additional Analysis
Table 1: Information Needs to be met by an Dashboard
Table 2: Modeling Needs to be met by an Dashboard/EIS
Table 3: User Interface Needs to be met by a Dashboard
Figure 9: Comparison of Pie Chart and Bar Chart
Figure 10: Comparison of Bubble and Bar Charts
Figure 11: An Overpopulated Dashboard
Figure 12: A Good Dashboard
Table 4: Design Mistakes
Table 5: Example EIS Adoption Criteria


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