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How to Access Daily ITV Schedule from Outlook Calendar


Directions on how to access the UMSL Daily ITV Activities Outlook Calendar from your Outlook account. Not accessable through the internet Outlook client.

  1. Open your outlook account
  2. Doubleclick on Public Folder Icon in your Side Folderlist. If not click on the View on the top menu bar

  3. Click on folder list > Then double click on Public Folder Icon
  1. Double click on the All Public folders
  2. Double click on the St. Louis folder
  3. Double click on the Department folder
  4. Double click on the Information Technology Services folder
  5. Double click on the ITV Folder
  6. Double click on the ITV Classrooms Calendar
    You may want to click drag the ITV Classroom calendar icon in the folder list display and drag it to the Left Side Outlook short cut menu to make a direct ITV Classroom Calendar shortcut.

You should now have the ablity to look at all the ITV class and video conferences that are daily booked and scheduled on campus.