We have included some resources that will likely prove beneficial for you (and your family) during the upcoming transition. We hope that you will use these presentations throughout your student’s time here and contact us with any questions you may have.

All Orientation Powerpoints can be referenced here.


Transitions is a session that our office presents during Parent and Family Orientation. We have included it here because it holds a lot of information and we want to make it possible to make it accessible to all parents and family members.

Transitions -Parent/Family Welcome Presentation

Family - Student Talking Worksheet


Setting a budget with your student can be a cost effective, yet tricky thing. In order to make this a little easier on both you and your student, we have provided a Budget Sheet to help ease the stress that may result. It is important to keep good lines of communication with each other throughout this process and keep in mind that both parties have to be realistic with their expectations and needs.

Things that you may consider talking about might include:

Money Matters Helpful Tutorial Videos