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Alumnae News and Notes

Please let us know what is happening in your life.  We remember our students and want to know what happened after the Gender Studies Program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  We hope you will spend a few minutes, send an email, mreenf@umsl.edu, and reconnect with us.

Melissa Briggs (undergraduate certificate 1997).   She received her M.A. degree from the University of Cincinnati in Women’s Studies in 1999 and completed her law degree at the City University of New York School of Law in 2002.   Melissa practiced landlord-tenant law and criminal defense for the Legal Aid Society representing low income people in Queens in Brooklyn, NY, from 2002-2006.  Currently, Melissa is an attorney at the Northwest Justice Project, giving legal advice to low income residents of Washington State in all aspects of civil law.

Susan Clifford  (undergraduate certificate 2001) works as a full-time registered dental hygienist in St. Louis, MO.  Susan was appointed by the Missouri Dental Association to be the hygiene member of the Missouri Dental Well-Being Program.  This program helps Missouri licensed dentists and dental hygienists, with alcohol/drug addictions and/or mental and physical impairments get treatment and support.

Paul Crutcher received his IWGS graduate certificate in 2007 and was awarded the Undergraduate Fiction Award from the Institute for Women’s & Gender Studies in 2005.  Paul served as a Peace Corps volunteer in China and is currently a graduate student at Michigan State University.

Jessica Froidl (Altenbernd) graduated with an IWGS certificate in 2000.  Since graduating, she has worked for Edward Jones, St. Louis College of Pharmacy as Alumni Coordinator and with St. Louis Arc which supports people with developmental disabilities.  She and her husband, Mark, recently welcomed a new baby girl and Jessica is enjoying being a full-time mother.

Krystal Keyes (undergraduate certificate 2002) keeps busy as a buyer for Whole Foods Market, Inc., in Town and Country, St. Louis, MO.   Her active four days a week position allows her to spend quality time with her two young children ages 3 and 1.

Amy Jansen Minkov (undergraduate certificate 1997) is living in Atlanta, Georgia.  Amy received her M.A. in Women’s Studies from the University of Cincinnati in’99 and M.S. in Library & Information Science from University of Illinois in’02.  She and her husband have two daughters:  Anna, 4 years old and Elena, 1 year old. 

Shereen Siddiqui (undergraduate certificate 2000) is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Florida Atlantic University in Comparative Studies Public Intellectuals Program.  Her first short article, “YouTube and Feminism:  A Class Action Project,” was published in the winter 2008 issue of Feminist Collections.  Shereen continues to be active in women’s studies as a full-time editorial and artistic director for Brown Walker Press as well as working on her Ph.D. dissertation entitled “Teaching to Transform:  Toward an Action-Oriented Feminist Pedagogy in Women’s Studies.”

We hope you will spend a few minutes, send an email to mreenf@umsl.edu, and reconnect with us, as we are eager to hear from you.  Stay tuned for future developments and news from your fellow alums!